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We live in a world of transactions. A seemingly endless exchange of goods and services for money. But what if it’s more? What if it’s the exchange of deeds, kind gestures, words and love? What if these were the currencies in which we dealt? How do you place a value on this currency- things we can give away freely? Are they any less valuable because they are free?

As I entered my 5th decade in 2021, I celebrated by working ceaselessly to communicate the different forms of beauty. 50 inspirations – one in thanks for each year of life.  These works were donated to the CASA of Morris and Sussex Counties for their art auction on September 12, 2021. 100% of the proceeds went to CASA.

In 2024 I will dedicate a 24-month collection to raise money for a local charity in Savannah, GA.
If you know of a charity that might be interested in bringing art to the community through fundraising please contact me.
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